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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I wanted to make a final comment about my latest recipe - the Snickerdoodle bars, etc.   I have found that depending on the brand or type of GF mix I am using, I may need to add a bit more or less liquid to get the result I want.  I have even found that when using the same mix over and over, the amts of liquid change based on the weather.   I hope you are able to use these recipes to  your needs and are able to figure out how to make them work for you.   Please let me know how yours turn out.   Thank you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

05/02/2012 ~ An Experiment;

I had long been craving Snickerdoodles, when I stumbled upon the ones made by Liz Lovely.< >  But, they were sold way across town < > and are a bit pricey for my budget, but I HAD to have them.   They are SO GOOD!  And, they are CERTAINLY worth their price - - as my daughter pointed out;  "Breaking that down, they are about the same cost as one pays for a cookie at the mall."   However, I also remembered making my own as a child and snarfing them up as fast as my little hands - - and my mom - - would let me.  I made them for my kids, and my daughter would beg me to make more.  I began toying with the idea of making some allergen free ones on my own. 

My first batch turned out so flat and crisp (hard) that the only way I could eat them was to put them in a bowl, pour on some almond milk or So Delicious Creamer and let them set to soften.  Sometimes I would have to MW them to get them there.  So I tried again, this time adding a bit more flour and adapting other parts of the recipe - - using 2 tsp of BP instead of the Cream of Tartar - - which I could not find this time around.   I made up half the batch and they weren't too bad, but were still not the mounded puffy things I wanted.   I made about half the batch and then took a rest.   I began pondering this again and then began wondering what if.....?

I went back into the kitchen and tried to finish, but the dough kept crumbling when I tried to shape it or roll it in the cinn/sugar mix.  Then I dumped the cinn/sugar mix into the left-over batter and added 3 T. of the So Delicious creamer.   I stirred it to get a stiff, but maleable, dough and then poured it into a 6 x 9 brownie pan.  Here is the (YUMMY!) result.

JMS Christmas Cinnamon bars

Put into 4 C. measure and set aside:
4 C. GF flour-I used Jule's
2 tsp. BP

Mix in large bowl:
1 C. coconut oil (mine had liquified)
2 C. sugar
2 eggs

Add flour mixture and stir to mix well.
Then add:
Cinn/sugar mix:
1/4 C. sugar
2 tsp. cinnamon
Pour cinn/sugar mix in and add about 1/4 C. of SD creamer, mix this all well, to consistency of stiff, but maleable dough, and then spread into a jelly roll pan - - it's not necessary to cover entire pan, as these will spread while cooking and go to the edges of pan. Bake 350 degrees for about17 mins. Cool and cut into squares. Store in airight container. JMS - 2:23 PM 4/30/2012
Do not mix thoroughly into it. The swirl is pretty. 
For cinn/sugar mix:
Put into container with lid and shake together or a bowl and stir together
IF Des, frost with cinnamon icing (or chocolate???)
Christmas Cinnamon bars_JMS _04-28-12
7:42 PM 4/28/2012
These were WONDERFUL and should be made each year at Christmas - - only mix the dough until swirled with cinnamon, Do not mix thoroughly into it.  The swirl is pretty. 
TO make this form entire recipe above, dump in mix of cinn/sugr and add 1/4+1-2 T of SD creamer.  Pat entire mix into a jelly roll pan and bake.  Cut into squares and, if desired, drizzle-glze with cinnamon frosting.

& Then - - thinking again, I am now going to try this (if you get to it before I do, please let me know how it turns out for you.  I also wondered about just adding some cinnamon, but want to try the Mocafe first.  You can find Mocafe on - I get the Mexican Chocolate version.)

JMS Chrs Cinnamon bars Mexican version

Put into 4 C. measure and set aside:
4 C. GF flour - I used Jule's
2 tsp. BP

Mix in large bowl:
1 C. coconut oil (mine had liquified)
2 C. sugar - - or 1-/1/2 + 1/2 C. Mocafe for Mexican version
2 eggs
Add flour mixture and stir to mix well.
Then add:
Cinn/sugar mix:
1/4 C. sugar
2 tsp. cinnamon
Pour cinn/sugar mix inand add about 1/4 C. of SD creamer, mix this all well, to consistency of stiff, but maleable dough, and then spread into a jelly roll pan - - it's not necessary to cover entire pan, as these will spread while cooking and go to the edges of pan. Bake 350 degrees for about 17 mins. Cool and cut into squares. Store in airight container. 

For Cinn/sugar mix
Put into container with lid and shake together or a bowl and stir together.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Other Meals ~ 6/21/11

Poor Henry
* * *
What Henry 'et,
he won't forget,
it made his belly hurt,
but Henry, he,
was said to be
just playing in the dirt,
his cheeks were gray,
but this, they say,
was from the muddy lake
his sister made,
while Henry played,
and she made him a cake,
she told him it
was just a bit
of cinder, earth and green
and Henry thought 
for sure he got
just all that he had seen,
but she was wise,
and to surprise
poor Henry in his gift,
she thought if she
could add some glee
then Henry'd get a lift,
so in she placed
so gently laced
some ants, and spiders too
it made some bumps,
some crunchy lumps
some texture in the goo,
and as they set
poor Henry 'et
her cake so tender, when,
and then he knew - -
his insides too - -
they crawled about in him,
so to the doc
poor Henry walked
this effort to atone,
his sister hid
for what she did,
poor Henry went alone.
and as he cried
and as he tried
to tell the tale there,
his words, they crawled
and Henry bawled,
about the whole affair;
but Henry now,
his sister, how,
they both remember this,
that awful cake
that she would make
that ended daytime bliss,
and when they play
about the day
she makes him "salad things"
in kitchens where
their mom is there
to check the seasonings.
(C) 2009 ~ JM Shephard ~ JOY in the arts!

Just a Thought!


I am
but a whisper,
soaring through time,
caught on the lips
vast pantomime..... JMS~1985

Monday, June 20, 2011

YUMMY! E-a-s-y PB & Choc Chip cookies

JMS Gluten/Dairy/Soy Free PB & Choc Chip cookies***

***This was adapted to be allergen free from Ruth's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

JMS Gluten/Dairy/Soy Free PB & Choc Chip cookies***
In a four cup measure or a small bowl, put:
3 cups GF flour mix  
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
++1/2 Bag Allergen freee chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life Mini chips or chopped Scharffen Berger).  Stir chips into the flour mix and  set aside.
In a large bowl
2 eggs, and beat slightly.

(Pour oil into 2 C. measure and glop in PB until it measures 2  C). Add to the eggs & mix a bit. 
1 cup oil - corn, sunflower, olive, etc.
1 cup peanut butter (Skippy Natural's Creamy is allergen free and YUMMY!)

Add and mix well:
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1 teaspoon vanilla
   1/4 cup alleren free milk (almond, coconut, rice, etc) - - ELIMINATE THIS if hand mixing the dough!.
Slowly add the GF flour/choc chip mixture and mix well.

Preheat oven to 375°F.
Mix  flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt and set aside. add the choc cips and stir a bit.
Mix eggs and PB
Add sugars and stir a bit
Add flour mixture a little at a time and stir to mix. 


Drop by tablespoonfuls (or use a cookie scoop) onto lightly oiled (or non-oiled NS) cookie sheet.
Bake for 12 minutes, then remove sheet from oven and let set 15 mins to cool with cookies on it.  Remove to a plate and let cool further before putting into storage container.

The oil gives a shortbread-like texture to these cookies.
(Note) I prefer these without the milk, as it seems to make them way too rich.  I DO, however, EAT them with a glass of Blue Diamnd Brand Original or Silk Brand Almond Milk!

My sincere "Thank you" to Ruth's poster, "HokiesLady," for giving me a path to jouney about.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Allergen-free ~ gluten, soy, dairy, lime, mint, grapes ~ ~ Recipe Development

I have been navigating an allergen-free, food-allergic diet for almost 27 years.   I develop recipes that enable me to have the foods I crave, or to allow me access to esoteric, expensive and hard to find ingredients and products.  Most of us have the capability to create for ourselves around the outrageously expensive "special diet" foods in the markets we shop.  I, personally, resent manufactuers who feel justified in overpricing items that seem to me to be much cheaper to make than their allergen-loaded counterparts.   I have been cooking since I was four years old, as I was lucky enough to grow up in a large family where we HAD to find ways to eat nurtritious and inexpensive foods.   My mother taught us all to cook and imparted her passion and love of experimenting with food.   Everyone in my family cooks.   Too many people (who proudly - - & to my mind, stupidly - - announcing that they "can't or don't cook")  have not figured out that cooking is a survival skill. Had I not had that skill, I would not have survived when I developed all of these allergies.   I owe my mother a huge debt of thanks.  I hope I can offer visitors to this blog some direction and assistance in their own journeys into allergen-free eating and cooking.   Remember to always be good to you!


Some allergen free ideas ~ 2/26/2011

Want a quick pizza crust.   Make a batch of your favorite pancake batter.   Oil a sheet cake pan or a round 12+ " nonstick pan (I use Cooks' Essentials from QVC - - their 12" hardcoat enamel everyday pan) - - Pour enough batter to make a 1/4" pancake. using a spatula to level and spread the dough.   Bake in 350 degree oven until top appears dry.   (If desired, at this point you can flip this over or just put your pizza sauce on top.  Sprinkle "cheese" of your choice - - I recommend Lisanatti Mozzarella (almond) cheese.  Then bake another 15-20 minutes.  

For "Upside Down Pizza" make the pizza sauce in a large round pan - - again I suggest  Cooks' Essentials from QVC - - their 12" hardvcoat enamel everyday pan/ or a hardcoat enamel one - - When the sauce is ready, sprinkle with cheese.  Pour a thin layer of the pancake batter over all, spread, and bake 350 degrees, 20 min or until the crust is done. 

Make your pizza sauce.  Toast slices of allergen free bread - - I recommend Ener-G Foods Tapioca Bread - - then lay slices of cheese on the hot toast and top with the prepared pizza sauce.

Pizza sauce w/or w/o meat:
1/2-1 # ground beef
3 T. ground Italian Seasoning
1/2 tsp EACH onion powder, garlic powder, salt,
1/4 tsp EACH cayenne, black pepper
1/3 C. water. 

Put the meat, seasonings and water in a large (3 at. pan.) break up the meat and mix in the spices.   Cook and stir ove med heat until the meat is just cooked.

1 (12 oz.) can tomato paste
1 can green ripe olives AND juice

Stir in to  mix well, then cover. bring to bubbling and then lower the heat  and simmer on LOW for 20 mins.  After ten minutes, add 2 T. basil. Stir in and continue cooking.

To make meatless:
put the tomato sauce and olives in a pan and add the spices.  Bring to bubbling, then lower heat and simmer 20 mins.  After ten minutes, add 2 T. basil.  Stir in and continue cooking.

Don't be afraid to experiment.   Think in terms of what do you want and how can you get that using allergen free ingredients.  (Or you can email me for help.)

I use Hellman's Canola Mayo for sour cream,. sosur milk (mix a little 2 T or so to 1/2 C. Mayo) almond or coconut milk in with it for that and 1/2 tsp AC vinegar) buttermilk, etc.

CM012307-1k-CMPart__-Fr-Sg/Page Graphic (C) 2007 JMS

If you are interested in any of my copyrighted graphics, especially any of those or ny of the content or the writing on my other blog - - - - please contact me for information & permission before using or copying them.   Thank you.