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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Allergen-free ~ gluten, soy, dairy, lime, mint, grapes ~ ~ Recipe Development

I have been navigating an allergen-free, food-allergic diet for almost 27 years.   I develop recipes that enable me to have the foods I crave, or to allow me access to esoteric, expensive and hard to find ingredients and products.  Most of us have the capability to create for ourselves around the outrageously expensive "special diet" foods in the markets we shop.  I, personally, resent manufactuers who feel justified in overpricing items that seem to me to be much cheaper to make than their allergen-loaded counterparts.   I have been cooking since I was four years old, as I was lucky enough to grow up in a large family where we HAD to find ways to eat nurtritious and inexpensive foods.   My mother taught us all to cook and imparted her passion and love of experimenting with food.   Everyone in my family cooks.   Too many people (who proudly - - & to my mind, stupidly - - announcing that they "can't or don't cook")  have not figured out that cooking is a survival skill. Had I not had that skill, I would not have survived when I developed all of these allergies.   I owe my mother a huge debt of thanks.  I hope I can offer visitors to this blog some direction and assistance in their own journeys into allergen-free eating and cooking.   Remember to always be good to you!


Some allergen free ideas ~ 2/26/2011

Want a quick pizza crust.   Make a batch of your favorite pancake batter.   Oil a sheet cake pan or a round 12+ " nonstick pan (I use Cooks' Essentials from QVC - - their 12" hardcoat enamel everyday pan) - - Pour enough batter to make a 1/4" pancake. using a spatula to level and spread the dough.   Bake in 350 degree oven until top appears dry.   (If desired, at this point you can flip this over or just put your pizza sauce on top.  Sprinkle "cheese" of your choice - - I recommend Lisanatti Mozzarella (almond) cheese.  Then bake another 15-20 minutes.  

For "Upside Down Pizza" make the pizza sauce in a large round pan - - again I suggest  Cooks' Essentials from QVC - - their 12" hardvcoat enamel everyday pan/ or a hardcoat enamel one - - When the sauce is ready, sprinkle with cheese.  Pour a thin layer of the pancake batter over all, spread, and bake 350 degrees, 20 min or until the crust is done. 

Make your pizza sauce.  Toast slices of allergen free bread - - I recommend Ener-G Foods Tapioca Bread - - then lay slices of cheese on the hot toast and top with the prepared pizza sauce.

Pizza sauce w/or w/o meat:
1/2-1 # ground beef
3 T. ground Italian Seasoning
1/2 tsp EACH onion powder, garlic powder, salt,
1/4 tsp EACH cayenne, black pepper
1/3 C. water. 

Put the meat, seasonings and water in a large (3 at. pan.) break up the meat and mix in the spices.   Cook and stir ove med heat until the meat is just cooked.

1 (12 oz.) can tomato paste
1 can green ripe olives AND juice

Stir in to  mix well, then cover. bring to bubbling and then lower the heat  and simmer on LOW for 20 mins.  After ten minutes, add 2 T. basil. Stir in and continue cooking.

To make meatless:
put the tomato sauce and olives in a pan and add the spices.  Bring to bubbling, then lower heat and simmer 20 mins.  After ten minutes, add 2 T. basil.  Stir in and continue cooking.

Don't be afraid to experiment.   Think in terms of what do you want and how can you get that using allergen free ingredients.  (Or you can email me for help.)

I use Hellman's Canola Mayo for sour cream,. sosur milk (mix a little 2 T or so to 1/2 C. Mayo) almond or coconut milk in with it for that and 1/2 tsp AC vinegar) buttermilk, etc.

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